Web-based Property Management Software from Rentables

  1. Viewing Property Details: This guide explains how to navigate to a Property Details page.
  2. Adding a New Owner, Property, and Tenant: This guide will walk you through creating a new property in Rentables. The process starts with selecting the property owner and then entering all the property's details.
  3. Adding a New Property to an Existing Owner: This guide will walk you through the steps of how to add a property to an owner who already exists in the Rentables system.
  4. Editing a Property or a Management Agreement: This section describes how to edit the details of the property or the management agreement.
  5. To View Inactive Properties: An inactive property is defined as a property that you managed in the past but are currently not managing. Rentables keeps a record of inactive properties for you in case you need to access any of the data associated with an inactive property.
  6. Creating a Property Group: This guide will walk you through creating a Property Group. An example of when a Property Groups should be created is if you have an Owner that owns a four-plex that you manage for them. By assigning each unit in the four-plex you can generate one consolidated report for all four units.
  7. Adding a Preferred Vendor to a Property: Sometimes Owners request that specific vendors work on their properties. Rentables allows you to track this by assigning a preferred vendor to each property.
  8. Setting up a Reoccurring Charge on a Property: Some properties you manage may have charges that occur on a regular basis. For example, if a gardener or pool cleaner services a property every two weeks you can set up a reoccurring charge rather than having to record the charge ever time it occurs.
  9. Inactivating a Property: If you were managing a property in Rentables and you no longer manage the property this guide will explains how to mark the property and a management agreement as inactive.
  10. Marking an Inactive Property or Management Agreement as Active: If you accidentally marked a property as inactive or are now managing a property that you previously were no longer managing this guide will explain how to re-activate the property.

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Let Rentables property management software streamline and automate the workflow of your business. By using Rentables your information stays organized and is easily accessible 24/7.

You'll save time performing routine tasks such as:

  • Recording rent
  • Tracking PM fees
  • Payment processing
  • Generating owner statements
  • Emailing (or worse - mailing) monthly owner statements

Use the time you'll save to grow your business or to enjoy life's other pursuits.

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