Owner Management
Residential Property Management Software from Rentables

  1. Adding a New Owner: This guide discusses adding only an owner to the Rentables system.
  2. Viewing Owner Details: This section will discuss how to view the details such as phone number, email address, mailing address of an owner.
  3. Editing Owner Details: This section will discuss editing the Owners details such as email address or mailing address.
  4. Adding a Property to an Owner that exists in Rentables: This section will cover how to add a property to an owner that has already been entered into Rentables. The same steps apply if you are adding an additional property to an owner that already exists in Rentables.
  5. Adding a Property to a New Owner: This guide will provide the steps to Adding a Property to a New Owner.
  6. Generating Owner Statements: This guide will outline the steps to take to generate a statement to send to the owner. Rentables automatically determines the statement date range based on the last time funds were disbursed.
  7. Generating an Owner Statement when Owner had no proceeds: It is possible that the monthly expenses against a property are equal to or greater than the rents received for the month. In this case the Owner will not receive any proceeds however you may still want to send the owner a statement showing the expenses and rents for the month. This guide outlines the steps to take in order to generate a statement to send to an owner who has no monthly proceeds.
  8. Finding and Re-sending previously generated Owner Statements: Did you already generate and send an owner their monthly statement and now a couple months later they are asking for a copy of the statement? This guide will tell you the steps to take to resend a previously generated Owner Statement.
  9. Printing Address Labels: Need to send holiday cards to all your owners? No problem. With Rentables you can easily print address labels.

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  • Recording rent
  • Tracking PM fees
  • Payment processing
  • Generating owner statements
  • Emailing (or worse - mailing) monthly owner statements

Use the time you'll save to grow your business or to enjoy life's other pursuits.

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