Rentables PM User's Guide
Residential Property Management Software Made Easy

Discover more about Rentables' online residential property software. The user guides below will help you take full advantage of our powerful, yet simple property management solution.

User's Guide Sections:

Getting Started

If you're new to Rentables, you will want to start here. Guides in this section cover setting up your account and help you start off on the right foot.


Here we cover everything you need to know about how to manage Properties in Rentables.

Owner Management

How do I generate an owner statement?  How do I edit owner details or add a new property to an existing owner?  This section will describe how to perform tasks related to an owner.  

Tenant and Lease Management

Working with tenants and leases. Scheduling move outs. Security deposit accounting and refunding security deposits.

Vendor Management

Track vendors. View paid and unpaid charges.

Contact Management

Contact management. Keep track of Owner, Tenants, and Vendors. Print address labels, send emails, and more.


The Transactions section of the User's Guide discusses the different types of transactions that property managers will encounter and how to record them in Rentables such as Recording Rents Received or Paying an Owner Proceeds.


Banking covers the reports and activities in Rentables associated with managing your trust account including Printing Checks, account reconciliation and more.

Reporting and Miscellaneous Guides

Tax reports, Secure Repository set, user preferences and general information not specific to one of the other categories.

Affordable Residential
Property Management Software

Let Rentables property management software streamline and automate the workflow of your business. By using Rentables your information stays organized and is easily accessible 24/7.

You'll save time performing routine tasks such as:

  • Recording rent
  • Tracking PM fees
  • Payment processing
  • Generating owner statements
  • Emailing (or worse - mailing) monthly owner statements

Use the time you'll save to grow your business or to enjoy life's other pursuits.

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