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Rentables CRM

Rentables integrates the customer relationship management (CRM) tool you need for your property management business. No need to spend money on rental property management software and separate CRM. Rentables provides one easy and simple solution to help you run an efficient business.

Property and Lease Preferences

Do your owners request that you use a certain vendor for repairs? Does the property have a home warranty policy? Do the tenants have a renter’s insurance policy? Rentables helps you keep track of specific property and lease details, placing the answers to these questions and more at your fingertips. By knowing these details you increase customer satisfaction and confidence that their property is being managed properly.

Call Logs

As a property manager you communicate constantly with tenants, owners, vendors, HOAs, and more. Keeping track of who said what can quickly get overwhelming. CRM for Property Management is all about organizing information from phone calls, emails, and other conversations in a system that makes it convenient to refer back to those conversations when you need important details from yesterday, last month, or last year.

Call logs are just one of Rentables many data management services that help you stay organized and put information at your fingertips.

  • Easily searchable call logs and notes
  • Conveniently organized by contact and property

Owners and Tenants CRM

Ensure you have satisfied customers by staying connected to your owners and tenants. Rentables offers the ability to send automated messages and documents to owners and tenants ensuring consistent and timely communications. Also, the Owners Portal gives your customers the insight they desire by giving them the ability to log into Rentables to see the status of their property any time that is convenient for them.

  • Automated and integrated owner statement emails and documents
  • Automated and integrated tenant rent reminders emails
  • 24/7 real time owner visibility via the Owners Portal
  • Coming Soon Prospective tenant tracking

Why Use Rentables for your Customer Relationship Management?

There are plenty of other CRM systems out there to choose from but most of them cost money and none of them will be as tightly integrated with the rest of your property management data as Rentables CRM. Plus, if you are already using Rentables to simplify your property management business then there’s no additional cost eating at your bottom line.

Affordable Residential
Property Management Software

Let Rentables property management software streamline and automate the workflow of your business. By using Rentables your information stays organized and is easily accessible 24/7.

You'll save time performing routine tasks such as:

  • Recording rent
  • Tracking PM fees
  • Payment processing
  • Generating owner statements
  • Emailing (or worse - mailing) monthly owner statements

Use the time you'll save to grow your business or to enjoy life's other pursuits.

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