Property Management Software

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Send Statements and Pay Owners in 60 Seconds

Let Rentables' web-based rental property management software streamline and automate the workflow of your business. By using Rentables your information stays organized and is easily accessible 24/7.

You'll save time performing routine tasks such as:

  • Recording rent and property management fees
  • Payment processing
  • Generating and emailing (or worse - mailing) monthly owner statements

Use the time you'll save to grow your business or to enjoy life's other pursuits.


Features and Benefits

Auto Charge

Every month you record the same charges: Rent and Management Fees. Rentables automatically records these entries so all you have to do is record when they are paid. Charges and payments are made using simple forms while Rentables takes care of the accounting behind the scenes.


  • Schedule rent increases
  • Less data entry Time Saver
  • Never miss a charge

Double Entry Accounting

Do you find accounting confusing or just too much of a hassle? We distilled every transaction down to its essence. You only enter the necessary data and Rentables takes care of all the accounting. Rest assured knowing those ledgers and balance sheets are there whenever you need them.


  • Property and owner ledgers Compliance
  • Trust account reconciliation Compliance
  • Trust funds beneficiary summary Compliance

Direct Deposit

With direct deposit you can transfer funds from your trust account directly to your owners' account in seconds, saving you hours or even days every month. Rentables can also automatically generate and email owner statements at the same time.


  • Get owners' their money faster
  • Less time wasted at the bank Grow Your Business
  • Reduce data entry errors

Contact Management

You have a lot of contacts to keep track of: Owners, Renters, and Vendors. In Rentables, all your contacts are organized so it's easy to find that phone number or email address even if you can't remember their full name or which property they own.


  • All your contacts in one place
  • Call logs so you never forget a conversation
  • Unlimited email addresses and phone numbers

Lease Lifecycle Management

At the heart of your residential property management business is the Lease. Keeping track of when leases expire or the last time you raised rent can be a chore. Rentables makes this information accessible and easy to manage so you can maximize your owners' income and your profit.


  • Never miss a lease renewal
  • Keep up with market rents Grow Your Business
  • Proactively manage expiring leases

Built for Your Business

Collect Rent

Record money received from tenants. Rentables makes ledger entries showing rent was paid and allocated to the property owner.

Pay for Maintenance

Record charges. Attach invoices. Pay vendors from owner proceeds. Rentables' accounting tracks everything.

Deposit Owner Proceeds

Pay each owner their proceeds. Rentables computes the amount owed, generates a statement, attaches any invoices, and emails each owner.

How long does it take you to record rent, generate a statement, and pay your owners?

With Rentables you can do all this in 60 seconds or less. Watch just how easy it is.