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Shea McGrath
Carefree Property Management, Inc.
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Managing one's own rental property can be a rather frustrating experience.  Depending on the value of the owner's time it may or may not be cost effective to do so. As property managers and the agent of the property owner we become an insulating factor between the tenant, any problems that might arise with the property and the owner. We are a property management firm only and not in the business of listing and selling Real Estate.  We are properly licensed by the Real Estate Division and adhere strictly to the laws and statutes of the State of Oregon.  All client's funds, both owner and tenant, are held in Client's Trust Accounts as per law. Our program is normally contracted for a twelve month period, but it can be tailored to brief periods, as short as three months, to cover a particular requirement for short-term management.

With our services we will take care of all aspects of managing your home including rent collection, inspections, posting notices, arranging for any needed maintenance, holding and dispersing of tenants’ deposits and handling the eviction process should that be necessary. You are welcome to be as involved as you’d like. We have several owners that simply sit back and let us handle everything. We deposit their income in their bank accounts each month and they receive their monthly account statements by email.

We have a strict screening policy of all tenants including a credit and criminal check as well as an eviction database that we have access to. We call previous landlords for their opinions as well as verify employment and income. This is the reason we have such a low eviction rate and rarely have tenants pay their rents late. We offer online rent payment for our tenants as well as set reminders if necessary and we are able to transfer your income directly to your account as well.

Property Management Services

  • Collects Rent
  • Serves Notices
  • Emails Statements
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  • Offers Direct Deposit
  • Provides Annual Report
  • Manages Work Orders
  • Tenant Placement
  • Advertise Vacancies
  • Evictions

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