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Full Service Property Management with NO Monthly Percentage!

Brad Larsen
Larsen Properties
17890 Blanco Road 303
San Antonio, TX 78232

Full Service Property Management for Less!

NO MONTHLY PERCENTAGE! Full service property management, video marketing, tenant screening, and rent collection all for one flat fee. Our service saves you money!

*One Month's Rent Equivalent for 12 Months of Management
*Meant for homes up to around $1,600 per month
Example: Property is rented at $1,600 per month. We charge $1,600 in management fees for every 12 months of management. NO MONTHLY PERCENTAGE... it's that simple!


*$195 Per Month Management Fee
*No Leasing Fee, No Inspection Charges, Free Eviction Assurance Program
*Meant for homes from $1,600 per month to $2,200 per month

*$250 Per Month Management Fee
*No Leasing Fee, No Inspection Charges, Free Eviction Assurance Program
*Free Rental Protection, Free Damage Assurance, No Repair Charges
*Meant for homes renting for more than $2,200 per month

NO LEASING FEES! Our Focus is on Retaining and Serving Quality Tenants. We make ZERO money when a tenant vacates a home because our Leasing Fee is really a Leasing Commision paid to the Tenant's Realtor. This fee is a NET Zero to Larsen Properties. When other companies lose a tenant, they charge the owner sometimes up to one half or more of one month's rent - making them money. By design, we WANT tenants to renew. We are customer service oriented providing more technology and services than our competition. Tenant Renewals Equal Happy Owners - Happy Owners is what we want!

Why do we charge less?
With the integration of the internet and online banking, we have streamlined our business model and our fees to reflect using this new technology. This saves you money and allows us to provide you the absolute best service possible.
•Video Marketing and Video Walk Thrus with YouTube
•Prospective Tenant Screening with Criminal Background Checks
•Tenant Credit Checks, Rental and Income Verifications
•Tenant Social Media Checks: Google, Linked In, Twitter and FACEBOOK
•Electronic Payments Straight To Owners Bank Account
•Owner/Tenant Portals into the Property Management Software System
•Monthly Statements Emailed to Owners
•Annual to Bi-Annual Inspections with Full Color Photos
•In-House Maintenance to Control Owner Repair Costs
•Full Disclosure Company - All of Our Forms and Policies are Posted On Line

•Managing Single Family Homes since 2004
•Member of the San Antonio Board of Realtors
•Member of the Texas Association of Realtors
•Member of the National Association of Realtors
•Member of the National Association for Residential Property Managers (NARPM)
•Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
•Accredited Member of Angie's List
•One of Top 10 Property Management Companies in San Antonio

FREE Market Analysis for Your Rental Home! Contact us and we will provide a free market analysis.

Property Management Services

  • Collects Rent
  • Serves Notices
  • Emails Statements
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  • Offers Direct Deposit
  • Provides Annual Report
  • Manages Work Orders
  • Tenant Placement
  • Advertise Vacancies
  • Evictions

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