Rentables Realty

Rental Property Management at its Best

Real Benefits for Rental Owners

A good rental property manager should make you money not cost you money. At Rentables Realty we strive to maximize your return on investment.

Maintaining market rents and high occupancy rates ensures you're maximizing your income. Controlling maintenance cost keeps your expenses low. We can help you do both.

Housing laws are complex and full of pitfalls. As licensed real estate professionals we can help you avoid costly pitfalls.

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  • Peace of mind
  • Better return on investment
  • Easy to read statements
  • Property inspections w/ photos
  • Compliance w/ fair housing laws

Tenants, Live Life Your Way

When you rent a property from Rentables Realty you get to communicate, interact, and pay rent your way.

Who wants to write a check these days? Pay your rent electronically with options for automatic debit so you never forget.

When it comes to maintenance requests, you can simply submit them from our mobile-first tenant portal. You can even attach pictures if necessary.

Looking for a place to rent? Get in touch. We can help.

  • Electronic rent payments
  • Mobile-first Tenant Dashboard
  • Flexible communication (SMS, email, web)
  • Friendly Reminders
  • Well Maintained Properties

Full Transparency. No surprises. Comprehensive Property Management.

5% of Rent

per month or $125 minimum

Initiation Fee, $250

Multi-Unit Discounts Available


For owners looking for traditional hands-off property management

  • Rent collection w/ direct deposit
  • Owner's Portal with real-time data
  • Monthly and year-end statements
  • Annual competitive market review
  • Annual inspection w/ pictures
  • Free lease renewals
  • Tenant disclosures and Fair Housing compliance
Full Service
$150 / month
For owners who want premium service for their investment property.
No Initiation Fee. No Junk Fees. Multi-Unit Discounts Available.
  • Rent collection w/ direct deposit
  • Owner's Portal with real-time data
  • Monthly and year-end statements
  • Annual competitive market report
  • Property inspections w/ pictures ($200 value)
  • Tenant disclosures and Fair Housing compliance
  • Maintenance/renovation project management*
  • Tenant placement included* ($1000+ value)
  • Preventative maintenance* ($200 value)

* Requires 1 year contract.

Read more about Owner Services.

Give us a call, 805-399-4110, or complete the form to get more information.

We will never sell, rent, or share your info.

$15 / mo.

Initiation Fee, $250

New Tenant Placement, 1st month's rent

Lease Renewal, $500 plus 1% of Full Lease Value

Al La Carte

For do-it-yourself owners looking for some added convenience

  • Automatic tenant rent reminder emails
  • Online rent payments
  • Lease renewal reminders
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get charged when my property is vacant?

Most property managers charge a tenant placement fee of $1000+. Here at Rentables tenant placement is included. While we do charge the normal management fee while your property is vacant, it is still much cheaper than the $1000+ you would pay just in tenant placement fees with other managers. 

Can I pay the management fee by credit card?

Yes. We know cashflow is important to property owners. That's why we prefer to collect the PM fee by credit card rather than deduct if from you monthly proceeds.

Do you profit from any of your vendors by receiving referral fees?

Absolutely not. To do so would be highly unethical. We work with vendors who consistently provide the best value (quality work at a reasonable price).

What happens if there is a maintenance emergency?

Tenants can call our automated system or text Rentables Realty 24/7. During normal business hours a contractor will be dispatched immediately. After hours, the on-call property manager will assess the situation and either take immediate action or send a contractor the following morning, as appropriate.

How do you screen applicants?

We generally run a credit report and criminal/eviction history on applicants. In addition, we verify income and prior rental history where possible. Note Fair Housing laws are very strict. We are generally obligated to accept the first qualified applicant. If an owner refuses to approve an applicant in violation of the Fair Housing rules, we will cancel our contract immediately.

What happens if the tenant is late with rent or doesn't pay?

Rentables does not give tenants a grace period. If rent is not paid on the due day (typically the 1st) then a late fee is assessed on the following day. Late fees on all new leases are 5% with a $100 minimum (paid to Rentables to cover additional management cost). The tenant will also be served with a 3-day notice to perform or vacate. If necessary we will initiate eviction proceedings.

How oftern are inspection done?

Properties are inspected before tenants move-in and when tenants move-out. In addition, we perform an annual preventative maintenance inspection on each property. You will receive a copy of the inspection reports along with any pictures we take.

Who keeps the security deposit?

Rentables will hold the tenant's security deposit in a trust account. California has strict rules regarding the handling of trust funds. A common problem arises when an owner holds the Security Deposit and doesn't have the funds available when the tenant gives 30-days notice to vacate. Also, it is illegal for the owner to benefit (e.g. interest) from the security deposit. For this reason all trust funds are held in a non-interest bearing trust account.

What is the most I can charge for a security deposit?

California law limits security deposits to two times (2x) rent for unfurnished dwellings and three times (3x) rent for furnished dwellings. We commonly charge one and half times (1.5x) rent but may go up or down depending on the tenant's qualifications and rental history.

How many days do I have to return the tenant's security deposit?

You must return the tenant's security deposit within 21-days of them vacating. You must include an itemized statement and receipts for any deductions over $126 (at the time of this writing). The law places the burden of proof upon the landlord when challenged regarding the reasonableness of the amounts claimed. Rentables will handle all of this for you.