Pricing Details

Our pricing is designed to be fair and affordable for those managing 3 to 300 doors. We've tried hard to keep it fair and simple.

Base Pricing
This gets you access to all our features except ACH processing.

  • Rentables Platform Fee, $25. This is the base price for access to the Rentables platform. Think of it as a cup of coffee each week for your business.
  • Subscription Fee, $0.50 per $1k in rents. Rents vary across the country and we want Rentables to be accessible to everyone, regardless of size. An easy way to estimate this is to look at the total deposit on your last bank statement. Divided this number by $1000 then multiple by $0.50.

Tenant Pay Online (ACH)

  • Application Fee, FREE. Your tenants can self register and, in most cases, complete our Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process in a few minutes.
  • ACH Debit, $1/ea. Having tenant's pay online is a huge convenience for you and for them. Transactions typically settle in 2 business days and reconciliation is automatic.

Owner Direct Deposit (ACH)
Depending on your plan, these fees may be charged directly by (and are paid directly to) our banking partner

  • Application Fee, $50. Direct deposits can result in many thousands of dollars being transferred in short period of time. There is significant risk to Rentables and our banking partners. As such, there is an application process that varies in scope depending on your daily volume requirements.
  • ACH Credits, $1/ea (varies). The per transaction fees vary depending on how quickly you need the funds to settle. Our standard is a 3 day hold but our partner can do next day funding for an additional fee. (Please contact us through the in-app messenger for more information)

The fees in this section are unusual and probably won't apply to you. But, we want to be transparent so we've included them here.

All hourly work is billed in 15 minute increments.

Extended Support
Some times you need more than the standard tech support and we can help.

  • Phone Support, $50/hour. Our standard support is by in-app messenger and email. If you feel a phone call is required then we're happy to schedule a support call. Send your request using the in-app messenger. NOTE, we may from time-to-time decide that a phone call is warranted. There is never a charge if we initiate the call.
  • Reconciliation Help, $100/hour. Sometimes it seems impossible to figure out why your account won't reconcile. If you were able to reconcile last month but can't figure it out this month, we might be able to help. Send us a message using the in-app messenger if you need reconciliation support.
  • Custom Accounting Entries, $100/hour. If your trust account has an overage or underage then you may want to have a custom accounting entry designed. This can make reconciling your account easier going forward.

Custom Reports

  • Report Development, $150/hour. Occasionally customers need a one-time custom report. Maybe it's for business analytics or to support an audit. We can work with your staff to generate one-off reports. Development time is billed at this rate. Send an inquiry using the in-app messenger to get started.

Data Export
Rentables isn't right for everyone and we can export your data should you decide to cancel.

  • Data Export, $2/door ($50 minimum). We can export your core data in a format that can be imported by other vendors in the property management industry. We have a standard format and it cannot be customized.