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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Rentables is cloud-based property management software built to help property managers and owner-managers more efficiently manage their properties.  At Rentables' core is a robust accounting system that enables you to easily account for all moneys in and out of your trust account while meeting the accounting requirements of most states' real estate commission/bureau. Rentables can be used equally well by property managers who simply forward checks but want to better organize their business.

Rentables also offers many other time saving and organize features such as lease life cycle management, work order, payment processing, call logs, and contact management.

Rentables was designed specifically for property managers whose customers are primarily individual property owners.  If each month you collect rent, pay vendors for maintenance/repairs, and pay owners their net proceeds then Rentables was built for you.  Rentables is particularly well suited for property managers subject to state regulations requiring strict accounting of all trust funds (rents, security deposits, owner reserves, etc).

Rentables is also helpful for owners who manage properties themselves and are looking for a way to keep better records and get more organized.

Rentables' pricing is based on the gross rents under management. Since most property management fees are a percentage of rent, we feel a similar pricing model is appropriate for property management software.  In that way, our success is tied to your success. For just 50¢ per $1000 in rents you can take advantage of Rentables' time saving features including auto generated owner statements and emails, security deposit accounting, and more. See our pricing page for more details.

Having a successfully property management business requires you to keep good records and stay organized, especially as your business grows.  If you're just getting started then now is the perfect time to start using Rentables.  Our pricing is very affordable even if you only have one property.

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No. Rentables is an online service. There is no software to install. Everything you need to do for your property management business can be done from your web browser.

Yes. You can use Rentables for free for 45 days. After that your account automatically converts to a paid account.  You must enter your credit card information or your account will be limited to our free services. Any data you entered as part of the trial will carry over.  If for some reason you want to start fresh, simply email and ask to have your account reset.

We hate to see you go and would appreciate your candid feedback at

After you cancel, your account will be locked. We will retain your data for 30 days after which it may be irrevocably deleted. If you would like all your data in CSV (comma separated value) format simply email a request to

We utilized a combination of Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the core infrastructure for Your data is replicated across multiple servers in real-time with regular backups. All sensitive data is encrypted using the Suite B algorithms approved for protecting Top Secret information.

You can use the Contact Us form at the bottom of any page or email

Property Management Software Features

Yes. Rentables not only tracks start and end dates but it will also let you know when leases are expiring and when new tenants are scheduled to move in.  In addition to the initial rent amount, Rentables allows you to schedule rent increases and will automatically compute property management fees and late fees.  It is also possible to attach a scanned copy of the lease agreement so you always have it at your finger tips should you need to refer to it.

No. Rentables uses a responsive design that works well with your mobile devices' web browser. In this way you have a consistent user experience across devices.

No. We believe small business (SMB) accounting software is appropriate for managing your business including payroll, business expenses, and income not managing properties. Rentables handles all the accounting associated with managing properties and your trust account, keeping this out of your SMB accounting software and simplifying your life.  Each month, or as appropriate, you can simply record your total management fee income in Quickbooks or your SMB accounting software. Rentables will generate a statement for you at the same time you post the draw from your trust account. This clear demarcation helps keep things organized and minimizes the chance for accounting irregularities.

  • Trust funds accounting
  • Rents
  • Management fees
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Owner statements
  • Property ledgers
  • Year-end statements
SMB Accounting Software
  • General account funds
  • Payroll
  • Management fees (from Rentables)
  • Business expenses
  • Other business income

Yes. When you post a draw to an owner, vendor, or other payee there is an option to add the payment to the Check Printing Queue. You can print a single check or a whole batch when you're ready. Rentables uses a standard Quickbooks check template. Note you can still record the check in Rentables even if you use another software to print the check.

Yes. Rentables allows you to attach common documents including invoices, rental agreements, and property management agreements.

Rentables uses a rigorous double entry accounting system for tracking all funds in and out of your trust account. We track the payer and payee of every transaction, the date it occurred, the date payment was received, the date funds were disbursed, and the date reconciled.  Rentables also provides ledgers for each property and lease account and tracks all vendor payments making year-end statements and 1099s a snap. We believe that when used properly Rentables gives you all the tools you need to be compliant.

Yes. With Rentables you can easily electronically deposit owner proceeds.  The process is completely integrated and gives you the option to simultaneously email the owner their monthly statement. Unlike other products on the market, this process is completely streamlined in Rentables to match the workflow of most residential property managers.


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Property Manager Locator

Rentables Property Manager Locator is a FREE service to help both property owners and property managers.  For owners it provides a convenient directory of property mangers in their area.  For property managers it's an opportunity to connect with owners and differentiate their services from others.  The service is totally free and does not require you to use our property management software.

By claiming your profile you can add additional details about your services and a link to your website. Claimed profiles are much more likely to be looked at by property owners.

 Benefits of a Claimed Profile:

  • Appear at the top of search results (example)
  • Add a detailed description of your services
  • Add a headline to get Owners' attention
  • Include a picture or company logo (example)
  • Add a link to your website

Rentables offers an online suite of services to streamline your business.  One of the features we provide is the Property Manager Locator which is designed to help property owners in your area find qualified property managers.

By signing up for the Property Manager Locator you will be able to create a profile for your property management business, then when an owner or potential tenant uses Rentables to search for a qualified property manager in your local area your business’ listing will come up.

It was simple.  We receive calls from owners and tenants looking for property managers and since Rentables software is used by property managers we decided to create a webpage to connect you to potential leads.

No.  You can create a profile on the Property Manager Locator even if you do not use our software.  Although, we would love it if you tried out our software to see just how simple Rentables makes managing your property management business.

The fastest way to grow your business is to have people reaching out to you. With Rentables’ property manager locator service, owners looking for a new property manager can easily find managers that match their needs. This way you won’t have to worry about dead ends. You’ll be reaching your target audience, rental property owners looking for a manager.

  • Free advertising to help you grow your business
  • Create a profile that makes you stand out from the rest
  • Engage property owners with a unique headline and an informative description of your services

We may have created a profile for you already.  Go to the Property manager locator service and search by your zip code to see if there is already a profile for you.  If there is a profile, click the Claim Profile button and follow the directions.

If a profile hasn’t already been created for you then click on the Free Trial (you will not need to activate the Free Trial of the software).  Once you sign in, the orange Edit Profile button will appear on the right hand side.  Click on the Edit Profile button to get started.  Again, the Property Manager Locator is separate from the Free Trial of the software, although you do have the option to click on Begin Free Trial at any time you are not required to.  


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You'll save time performing routine tasks such as:

  • Recording rent
  • Tracking PM fees
  • Payment processing
  • Generating owner statements
  • Emailing (or worse - mailing) monthly owner statements

Use the time you'll save to grow your business or to enjoy life's other pursuits.

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